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Вопросы по группам операций

One Dashboard For Everyday

See where your team is at quickly by accessing the Flow admin dashboard. Learn more

Quickly Run Healthcare Level Background Checks

Ensure safe hiring practices with multiple checks (Federeal, Local, SAM, OIG, & more) along with ID verification capabilities. Customize background checks by individuals and employee's position. Learn more

Provide On The Job Education & Stay Compliant

Ensure employee compliance and engagement with the freedom to create your own courses or select courses from the shared marketplace. Learn more

Auto-Fill Documents - Efficiently

Avoid delays in getting paperwork filled out. Flow automatically fills out documents for your team so the only thing they have to worry about it is to; Review | Click | Sign. Avoid Learn more

Obtain Electronic Signatures - Securely

Get documents signed efortlessly and securely, all electronically! Flow can these processes paperless & save you time/headaches. Learn more

Simply Onboard of New Hires

This can be used for clinical or non-clinical hires. Flow's automated onboarding workflow streamlines the process for you. Get it done in days, not weeks. Learn more

Seamlessly Send Out Online Reference Checks

Send references by email or text to obtain meaningful, comprehensive insights on your candidates in a timely manner. You can use this for professional references, work verification, education verification, and more.

Expedite Credentialing & Reappointments Process

If your team goes through Credentialing & Reappointments. We understand your pain! Flow expedites the process for your internal or external credentialing teams with automation and ability to securely share information with entities outside of the Flow ecosystem. Learn more